11 February 2022

DATE: Friday 11th February 2021 

TIME: 1:00pm to 2:30pm (Sydney Time)

COST: $88.00 (incl. GST)



The importance of sleep has been reflected in the writing of Eastern and Western religions and civilisations since time immemorial. In this seminar, Dr Haliburn proposes to talk with you about some of what we know about sleep, and the fact that there is still a lot more we don't know! She will start by describing normal sleep and discuss the important link between the role of Attachment and sleep across the lifespan - from infancy to old-age. Why we need sleep, sleep disturbance and its interrelationship with depression, Insomnia and its effects on physical and mental health, sleepy teens, and sleep in mid and late life are some of what Dr Haliburn hopes to discuss.

Your questions will also be most welcome!


PRESENTER: Dr Joan Haliburn, Psychiatrist

Joan Haliburn is a Child, Adolescent & Family Psychiatrist, of the Royal Australian College of Psychiatry, trained psychotherapist and family therapist, who has been working in the field in excess of 35 years. She has served on the Board of Directors, International Society for Trauma and Dissociation, was Training Director of Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy and is an International Fellow of the American College of Psychiatry. She has worked in various roles in public and in private practice, in family law, juvenile justice, and is currently on the faculty, psychotherapy training program, University of Sydney.


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