29 September 2017

Psycho-neuro-immunology for pain.

A clear sequential model for therapists and clients to approach, understand and manage chronic pain


DATE: Friday 29th September 2017  

TIME: 9.30 am TO 4.30pm. Registration and Coffee from 9 am

VENUE: PARRAMATTA RSL CLUB, Cnr Macquarie and O’Connell Sts, Parramatta

COST: $319 (GST incl) Full time students receive a 20% discount - a copy of your current student card needs to be sent with your registration form.

SUPER EARLY BIRD: 20% discount for those people registering and paying in full by 29th July 2017

EARLY BIRD: 10% discount for those people registering and paying in full by 29th August 2017


Speaker: Randolph Sparks, Clinical Psychologist

Randolph Sparks is a clinical psychologist in private practice, lecturer in the clinical psychology program at the ANU and board approved supervisor. Randolph has been working in the area of chronic pain for much of his career, both in the public and private sector, teaching pain mechanisms and management to clinical students, and regularly presenting to a range of professional and consumer groups in the community. Randolph delivers lively and informative talks with a focus on simplifying more complex concepts into easily understandable models. His talks are designed to be fun and helpful. 

Workshop description: 

Randolph will present a brief model of chronic pain that provides a simple and accessible understanding of the mechanisms at play with many chronic pain conditions, as well as associated treatment strategies. The presentation is designed to help explain the interactions of persistent pain with the nervous system, brain function, behaviour, the immune system, the survival system, and interpersonally. Chronic pain can easily result in entrenched behaviour patterns, reducing perceived choice and self-efficacy and negatively impacting on quality of life. Randolph will cover understandings and techniques aimed at reversing long standing pain response patterns, including reducing or training out pain flare-ups and increasing movement and valued activities. Randolph will focus on a sequential model of treatment with the aim of providing attendees with an approach that can be immediately utilised with clients and adapted to suit individual needs and presentations. This presentation is designed to be entertaining and practical, and to demystify what is often a challenging area for psychologists, and to the estimated one in five people who experience persistent pain in their lives.

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