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Treating Targets of Workplace Bullying


Monday 20th June 2016 in Parramatta


COST: $242 (GST incl) 


Speaker:Evelyn Field, OAM, FAPS, Psychologist


Evelyn Field has a wealth of experience in clinical work, research, media interviews and training.  She has been appointed a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and has recently been awarded a Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia for service to the community, particularly through anti-bullying initiatives in the school and workplace.  She gives regular keynote addresses, and presents workshops to schools, organisations and therapists.

The focus in this workshop will be on assisting therapists to refine their diagnostic and treatment strategies in line with current international research.

Evelyn will look at:

  • understanding bullying and harassment
  • how organisations can reduce bullying
  • actions for targets, bullies, bystanders and managers
  • essential social survival skills to enhance social connections
  • the role of the therapist and the challenges
  • diagnostic and treatment frameworks, case discussion and goals

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 I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the presentation yesterday and how valuable I thought it was. I have been working in pain management in private practice for several years and I was pleasantly surprised that yesterday gave me fresh ideas about how to conceptualise clients' experience of pain and present the information to them. (Suzanne, Clinical Psychologist)  

 I found the workshop very practical with skills that I can apply straightaway in therapy. (Evelene, Psychologist)

 I love the vibe of your workshops - they're always so friendly!